Buying from Pure Paws means you Support a Local Pet Organization doing good things for our Animal Friends.

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Buying from PurePaws.Co means you support a Local Pet Organization, Senior with a Pet, National Organization or that you simply trust and support us doing our best and giving back to our Animal Friends.

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Facts: According to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), Revenues in the pet Industry is expected to be $62.7 Billion as of 2016 with an average growth rate of 5.4%

Question: What if your Pet and Animal purchases went to an even big cause? Would you change your buying habits to support?

Our answer for you YES! And we are hoping your answer is yes too.

We can all do something amazing together through a program we have created here at PurePaws.Co called #PawItForward Movement. #PIF is a way for pet owners to give back to the Animal community of their choice through their pet purchase, either directly or indirectly.

We do this by selecting one organization a month that claims a precent of all sales that month or through P.I.F codes. #PIF Codes that a buyer can check out with to ensure that purchases donation goes the direction they see best fit.

We handle everything on the back end and socially present it to all to keep our #PIF followers up to-date and things transparent. You will also see us posting to platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Stories, you name it. We what everyone to see the love that PurePaw.Co purchasers have for their pets and animals alike. We believe our world is more magical and a more loving place because of our pets and the things that animals treat us. Because of their kindness and compassion our pets make this a more loving world.

And since we live by the motto to, treat all living things as we ourselves would wish to be treated; You will see these funds go to taking a stance on a variety of issues across many aspects of the animal welfare.

#PawItForward movement will focus on important topics that our community would like to see us involved in. Topics not only important to us, but to all our pet social community.



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